Instrumental in providing advice on: internal communication, change management and organisational development at both a senior management level and staff level.
— Helen Rose, HRM

As an experienced change management and communications and digital practitioner, Rhiannan has worked across these disciplines in a range of roles. Rhiannan has an ability to understand what drives an organisation and deliver great outcomes. Blending these four specialist skills sets provides Rhiannan with a great opportunity to help build an agile, responsive and engaged workforce. 

I have built a reputation for being an inspiring and motivating team member, mentor and leader. I am a natural connector — always seeking out collaborative opportunities to work with others - and see that the best value comes from breaking down barriers. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I am is committed to helping organisations build and develop their culture, leadership style and employee engagement approaches using pragmatic yet strategic interventions. 

Organisational development and culture changeWorkforce strategy, Internal digital strategyOrganisational change management, Internal and external communicationsWorkshop and team building facilitationProgram and stakeholder managementLeadership coaching