Beckon provides services in communication, stakeholder engagement, and digital. 

The Beckon team is available by the project or for coaching, training and advisory services. We are flexible to meet your needs and can bring in additional communication, engagement and project management specialists when required. Our services can be in-house and be like one of your team members or we can work remotely. 

You will usually find us on the most complex projects valued from $5 million to $1 billion in value, usually for large government or government suppliers supporting government and with complex stakeholders/project roll out. We specialise in the areas of infrastructure, transport, data, biometrics, security and tech. We also love projects with social purposes and requiring entrepreneurs and big thinking, creative solutions.

Let's start with a chat and see if we connect and if you think we can add value to your team and project needs.


  • Digital strategy and plans

  • Blended marcomms - marketing and communication

  • Social media management

  • 3rd party marketing communications

  • Blog writing

  • Web site development and content creation

  • Content writing for SEO

  • Establishment of Consultation Manager and other stakeholder and consultation management digital tools

  • E-news development and management

  • Branding

  • Training and coaching

  • Event management

Digital tools we use & love

  • Consultation Manager

  • Bang the Table | Engagement HQ

  • Salesforce

  • Squarespace

  • Shopify

  • Prezi

  • Wordpress

  • Blogger

  • Vision6

  • Mailchimp

  • Vertical Response

  • Vimeo

  • Youtube

  • Hootsuite

  • Canva

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Eventbrite

  • Go to Meeting


  • Communication strategy and plans

  • Key messages

  • Content creation - traditional, digital, and social channels

  • Communication audit

  • Advisory

  • Crisis

  • Speech writing and presentations

  • Newsletter development

  • Blog writing

  • Project updates

  • Media statement writing and management

  • Government briefing notes, project briefs and information sheets

  • Bios, LinkedIn updates and personal content creation

  • Story strategy

  • Product/project launches

Stakeholder engagement + Project Management

  • Project Management

  • Stakeholder consultation/engagement strategy and plans

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • Issues management

  • Stakeholder management and relationship development

  • Consultation strategy and design

  • Consultation management

  • Consultation manager development and management

  • Stakeholder communications

  • Events