We write stakeholder engagement strategies and plans. These are linked up to your project or organisational plans and documents. 

Engagement Strategy

We write big plans and small plans. 

Plans on a Page are a pretty popular request. 

If you have thousands of stakeholders or clients that need consultation and communication on a project, you will need a team who can work closely with the Project Managers and the team to achieve your objectives. 

e work with communities to get the right outcomes for everybody. 

Digital Engagement

We also use Consultation Manager and Bang the Table for digital engagement. We can set these up for you and manage your communities using these products. 

We are members of IAP2, the International Association of Public Participation and abide by  their engagement frameworks and methodologies. 


Stakeholder engagement

  • Stakeholder consultation/engagement strategy and plans 
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Issues management 
  • Stakeholder management and relationship development 
  • Consultation strategy and design 
  • Consultation management
  • Consultation manager development and management 
  • Stakeholder communications 
  • Events